Ring Sizing Guide - Find Your Ring Size

Do you know your ring size? ⁠
1. Cut a thin strip of paper. (NOT string or ribbon!)⁠
2. Wrap it around the base of the finger you're planning on wearing the ring.⁠
3. Mark where the paper overlaps with a pen and measure the length in millimeters.⁠
4. Use a calculator to divide the length you measured by 3.14. That number will correspond with a ring size on the chart! (For example: If you measured 60 mm around your finger, you'll get 19 mm. Find that number on the chart and it's a size 9.)⁠
Fingers morph in size throughout the day and often fall victim to fluctuations in temperature. Too cold and it can shrink half a size. Too warm and it can swell and throw off your measurements, too. The sweet spot is to measure in the evening when the temperature is slightly warm. (It's better to measure at night so that you won't struggle or resort to extreme measures to slip it off at the end of the day.) Other strange factors that can impact fit? Salty foods, humidity, certain medications, exercise and pregnancy can all cause water retention — so size with those slight variations in mind.⁠